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Southlake Style

Freedom on the Water

May 30, 2017 04:17PM ● By Audrey Sellers

It's day five of an eight-day sail. Our Southlake friends invited three couples to chill with them in the British Virgin Islands. We island hop by sail aboard their new 60-foot catamaran. We pull into the next diving hole or sandy spit. We play, float, lunch and start all over once again.

Any plans? Yes, some, but mostly the freedom to move along at today’s pace until we want to chill some more. And get this—we may even read a book for pleasure.

It’s peaceful, be it alone or among a mooring field of like-minded pleasure chillers. Each stop is prettier than the last and all with some history. No less nthan 45 small islands make up the British Virgin Islands and people inhabit about half of them.

Nighttime is bohemian in an island sort of way. The 70s music or Marley mania calling us to beach-side bars for rum punch, pain killer or bushwackers—aggressive names for delicious drinks from paradise. This trip is exactly what my 5 Hour Energy way of life needed most. Peaceful mornings, soft adventure days and songs that even I can dance to.

This is an easy trip to set up for you and up to 10 friends. Bareboat charter yourself or add a captain and provision yourselves. Or, go all-inclusive in the very best way—add a captain and chef, tell them what you like, and nothing more to do but book a flight. It's that easy. It’s just chillin’ in the islands with friends and my personal best for freedom on the water.

Visit to get into an island state of mind.

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