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Southlake Style

Kaleidoscopic Confections

Jul 06, 2017 10:58AM ● By Ashley Pape

Satisfy your sweet tooth in the swankiest way possible at 'Lette Macarons.

Step into the glossy, sophisticated space, and you’ll feel like you’re inside a Technicolor fairytale—one that ends with dreamy, brightly hued confections.

You can find macarons at many specialty bakeries, but ‘Lette Macarons offers a sweet take on the French-inspired delicacy. Each pillowy soft cookie is freshly made by hand in colors so vibrant they could brighten anyone’s day. The macarons start with crisp discs of almond cookies that give way to a luscious ganache filling in alluring flavors such as Caribbean Chocolate, Sweet Wedding Almond, Sicilian Pistachio and seasonal flavors such as this summer’s Blueberry Lemon. For an exciting change of pace from the usual flavors, we fancy the Rose and Violet Cassis macarons. The Rose, in particular, is light and airy, with an intense oral flavor that builds with each bite. It’s certainly a fresh spin on the treats you’d find behind a typical bakery counter.

If you’ve always been on the fence on how you like your cookies—crispy or chewy—you get the best of both worlds with a macaron. Each bite provides a tantalizing textural contrast. You can select the macarons on an a la carte basis (it’s the best way to discover new favorites) or get boxes ranging from two to 36 macarons. And for those extra-special soirees, ‘Lette offers a tiered party tower complete with custom flowers. When you can check off décor and dessert in one fell swoop, it’s a win in our book. Just be prepared to splurge—individual macarons are $2.25.

Whether you lean toward classic flavors or you prefer to savor something a little more unique, you’ll want to try all the flavors at ‘Lette Macarons; each cookie has its own character and personality. Swing by and taste why Southlake has a sweet spot for the prettiest Parisian import: the delicate macaron.


1151 E. Southlake Boulevard