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Southlake Style

Styles to Dine For

Nov 10, 2017 03:33PM ● By Dia

Remember those classic movies where a long-abandoned dining room is brought to life with the opening of curtains and removal of dust-coated furniture covers? Even if you don’t, maybe that scene is reminiscent of the state of your own dining room. And we get it—that room is often reserved for special occasions, while everyday eating occurs at the breakfast table or even in front of the TV. We’re here to lure you back in. This time of year, dining rooms get more time to shine than usual. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, Kwanzaa – you name it, there are parties to throw and people to see. So open up those curtains (metaphorically or not) and put some life back in your dining room. Without further ado, here are some ways to update and spice up a space dedicated to feasting.


As with any room in the house, lighting can make or break a dining room. Beyond that, it can set the mood. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you are going for, there are plenty of options to get people passing plates in lustrous lighting. Chandeliers have been a long-time favorite above the table, and rightfully so. They are elegant and can effectively provide plenty of light. Here’s the fun part: chandeliers have evolved far beyond the traditional dangling-crystal look. No matter your interior design theme, there is definitely a chandelier out there to match. Bright, bold colors or metal with double-hoops, these suspended light fixtures can dress up a room or give a casual vibe.


Gone are the days of dining sets needing to match perfectly. Whether you are going for a rustic look or are just a whimsical designer, mismatched chairs are totally legal (and even trending). Hit the local antique stores for a variety of chairs – anything goes. We do recommend keeping everything within the same color scheme. Otherwise, it starts looking a bit like a garage sale gone wild. If you have a white table, try to keep all of your eclectic seating the same color. If it is a natural wood, stay in that genre. The actual frame of the seat, however, can range far and wide. Have fun with it, but remember to reign yourself in once in a while.

Benches are another fun way to breathe life back into a stuffy living room. Once upon a time, these were reserved for breakfast and picnic tables, but we are here to tell you they are making a comeback. And don’t assume that having a bench means not having a seatback. There are many styles of benches that have cushions, seatbacks and everything a normal dining room chair would have. There only difference: no arm rests to separate you and your loved ones.