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Sublaxation - The Silent Killer

May 07, 2012 12:00PM ● By tina

by Dr. Jerrod Wright

180 Wellness Chiropractic

What is health? When posed this question, most people say health is “feeling good.” Well? Is a person healthy if they felt fine one moment and in the next moment had a heart attack?

Let’s explore the idea of health a little closer. If health really isn’t how we feel, then what is it? Health has been defined as –“when all systems of the body are functioning properly, 100% of the time” or my favorite definition: Health is the ability of the body to adapt appropriately to a constantly changing internal and external environment. Health is the “ability to adapt.”

To be healthy means your body has the ability to adapt as best as possible. So, health has nothing to do with how you feel. In fact, you may feel lousy when your body is adapting. As you will see, this may simply be a “healing crisis.” Let me explain.

Your central nervous system is responsible for sending messages to every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body. This communication is made possible by the information super-highway of your body, that is your brain and spinal cord. This vast communication network is in charge of virtually every function in your body and determines whether you enjoy good health or disease.

The central nervous system is so important that nature built an armor of protection around it, your skull and spinal column. However, even with this inborn protection, your nervous system is susceptible to interference when the spine gets misaligned. This interference to your nervous system is called vertebral subluxation.

Subluxations can have devastating effects on your overall health and well-being. Detecting and correcting subluxations that are interfering with your nervous system and health allows your body the best chance to function and adapt properly thus allowing healthy adaptation to take place.

Subluxations share heart diseases nickname – “The Silent Killer.” This is because of their nature of not being detected until they are quite progressed. With heart disease, the first symptom is often a fatal heart attack. Cell death occurs the second it loses nerve signal.

Subluxations usually go undetected for years, yet they begin deteriorating your overall health potential the moment they begin. The good news is, they can usually be corrected before it is too late.

You have your eyes checked, your teeth checked, even your blood pressure checked. How about your spine and nerve system? Getting your spine checked for subluxation is so much more important than for simple neck and back aches. I consider it essential for proper health and function.

Individuals of all ages should be checked regularly for subluxation. You and your family deserve the best chance to function optimally and be healthy. If subluxation is detected chiropractic adjustments prove to be the safe way to correct the subluxation complex. The studies speak for themselves.

Chiropractic adjustments can work wonders for people who suffer with back pain and other physical discomfort, but the power of chiropractic does not end there. Studies show that healthy people can also experience measurable improvement in body function through chiropractic adjustment.

After reviewing over 35 different clinical chiropractic adjustment studies involving both healthy people and people suffering with pain or sickness, evidence shows that everyone’s state of health improved in at least one area or another. Health benefits described included improvements in the respiratory system, improved heart function, enhanced immune system, increased muscle strength, clearer vision, and heightened mental function.

One study conducted by Blanks, Schuster and Dobson consisted of 2,818 chiropractic patients attending 156 different chiropractic clinics. An overwhelming 95% of the people involved in the study reported a strong connection between receiving chiropractic adjustments and experiencing a healthy, more active, improved quality of life.

Another study of 17,142 patients in Italy under chiropractic care for at least 2 years indicated that having everyone under chiropractic care would reduce the number hospitalized patients by 87.6% and daily absences from work could be reduced by 53-75%.

This evidence tells us that making chiropractic adjustments a regular part of our family lifestyle will always lead to improved health. Don’t wait to feel pain and discomfort before you schedule your next appointment. Make chiropractic a part of your normal routine, and begin experiencing the benefits this year.

Dr. Jerrod Wright is co-owner and doctor at 180 Wellness Chiropractic. Results and healthcare have earned him best-of-the-best chiropractor for Southlake and Northeast Tarrant County 8 of the last 10 years. Dr. Wright is also the team chiropractor for the two-time ALCS champion Texas Rangers.