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Under Your Skin

Jun 17, 2014 08:18AM ● By 16560

By: Alecia Delaney, LME, CAC III, LHRT, LSO

Medical Aesthetician, Cosmetic Injector

Hormonal Health, Wellness & Aesthetic Centers 

From collagen builders to nose sculptors, the latest injectables are making Botox look like child’s play.

Cosmetic specialist wielding needles aren’t simply, as one doctor put it, “wrinkle chasers” anymore. With highly evolved perspectives on what truly constitutes a youthful look, specialists are now injecting a host of compounds to lift, mold, and contour. Most visits last no more than an hour, and recovery times are equally swift. It’s enough to make a scalpel seem downright crude. So who’s shooting what where? 

Reflation Revolution

According to Specialist all over when it comes to aging, the main culprit is “deflation.” By age 50 or 60, she says, most of us have lost around 20 percent of our facial bone and fat, and as a result, our faces sag and look gaunt—not unlike a pillowcase over a shrunken cushion.

To pump up the volume, we offer a procedure called Reflation. Unlike more superficial wrinkle-erasing treatments, Reflation entails injecting a filler such as a hyaluronic acid– PerlaneÒ or RestylaneÒ, ArtefillÒ, or RadiesseÒ, well beneath the dermal layer, where it sits on top of the bone and props the skin up, especially beneath the eyes, around the cheeks, at the nasolabial folds, and—most efficaciously, at the temples. 

Aging temples?

Indeed! They sink over time, and even the most expertly done face can look “off” if the temples are left lying close to the skull. A total refill takes two or three visits, the results last for nine months to 10 years depending on the product chosen!

The Liquid Nose Job

The nose is not immune from the aging process: Over time it can droop and appear flatter and longer. Bony irregularities that were camouflaged by the thicker skin and lipid layer we had in our 20s become more noticeable.

Now fillers—placed on top of the bone, cartilage, or tip—can give an old nose a youthful boost. “Truly astonishing,” says Emily Weathers, a cosmetic patient of mine, as long as the injector has a sculptor’s vision! A millimeter can make a huge change. The in-office procedure can be completed in as little as half an hour and starts at $700—a universe apart from the traditional two-hour rhinoplasty, which can set you back around $8,000. 

Lip Service

They say a genuine smile never grows old—but try telling that to a cosmetic injector. Pointing out that as we age, our lips lengthen horizontally and fine lines creep up above them, vertically. The upper lip also drifts down, hiding teeth. And those vertical lip lines? Cosmetic injectors are over the moon about BeloteroÒ Balance. Like most fillers, it is FDA-approved for deep nasolabial folds, but doctors are now using it for more-superficial lines—something that’s not possible with other fillers, which have a blue tinge that shows through skin if injected close to the surface. “It’s like Photoshop,” says Miami dermatologist Leslie Baumann. “The lines immediately plump up.” A session costs $650 to $750, with results lasting about six to nine months. »

Scalpel-Free Sculpting

As of this writing, ArtefillÒ has enthusiasm from injectors can be heard from across the Atlantic. It has completely changed our practice! This luxurious filler, can be injected under the muscle layer and massaged into the desired shape—offering a scalpel-free way to attain a stronger chin or jaw line or more defined cheekbones.  If you tried this with previous fillers, you would have gotten big lumps. But ArtefillÒ doesn’t move! We can perform transformations in an astounding 15 to 30 minutes!

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