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Five Mistakes When Starting Your Fitness Program

Jun 12, 2015 09:55AM ● By Dia

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In the fitness business it’s about helping & sharing, through sharing information we can help others find the results they are looking to achieve. There are many differing goals in fitness but today we want to offer five potential road blocks when starting a fitness routine.

For starters we need to focus on the foundation, similar to that in a building. A home built with a solid foundation can withstand challenges, it is much the same with fitness. The foundation that we focus on in fitness is, the core, it is the most central portion of your body contains the spinal column, hip complex & shoulder girdle. All movement is generated through the core and if it is unstable, immobile or imbalanced anything else that happens in your routine will follow suit with this but if it is prepared effectively it can set you up for great success. Probably sounds a little overwhelming but to be honest with the correct info its pretty simple to address.

Second common road block is; training too hard & getting too sore. Literally walks hand in hand with mistake #1. If your body is not properly prepared for the demands of the workout then most likely high levels of soreness will set in and there is nothing that will keep you away from your next workout like being overly sore. Its not to say that soreness shouldn’t be present but too much too soon is a bad sign.

If we are looking at an overall effective program we must consider nutrition and many times that equates to less is more. This is roadblock #3. If your goal is to lose fat then the less is more pitfall can be as detrimental as eating too much food. The only way to effectively lower your body fat is through planning. This means knowing what your base metabolic requirements are then planning your nutrition around that. Too many or too little calories will affect your body in the same way, with increased body fat levels. 

The next hazard in the road to fitness is too much cardio. If I had a nickel for every person who told me “I’m going to focus on cardio & lose some body fat before I visit with the trainer” I would have a lot of nickels! This is counter intuitive to fitness as a whole, it has been proven time and again more muscle burns more calories. Not only that but the process of building muscle will create a metabolic lift for up to 48 hours where a good cardio session, while it does strengthen the cardio vascular muscles it only lifts the metabolic rate for 2-3 hours after the workout.

The last roadblock is one of the greatest of all time fitness myths, spot reduction. Let's just keep this clear, it can't happen, not now, not ever. The only way to lose that soft midsection is through a well organized wellness program that addresses all the areas we have spoken about already.

At Impact Performance & Fitness we have all the resources to handle any fitness related goals that you may be interested in, we offer Functional Movement Screens, Muscle Activation Therapies, nutritional guidance/ food preparation, as well as self defense, sports performance & personal training for every level of fitness.


Impact Performance & Fitness was founded to help guide athletes of all skill sets to become stronger people and competitors. Impact is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. From the professional athlete who wants peek off-season conditioning, to the business professional that wants to look and feel better, and to the adolescent athlete that wants to improve his or her game.Impact has a strong belief in training the body in correct meaningful movement before applying outside force, decreasing the potential for a weakness or imbalance that could cause problems years down the road. All too often student athletes are asked to accomplish tasks that their body may not be ready to handle. This is why the earlier you start your training, the better. Whether you are an elite athlete competing at the highest level of competition or just getting started in your game, we can help you. Contact us for information and to select a convenient time for your first workout.

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