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CEF Stories: LeSara Cupcake Bar

Sep 03, 2015 09:13AM ● By Dia

LeSara Cupcake Bar is a women-owned cupcake bakery that specializes in delivering a cupcake experience worth talking about. We're located in the Colleyville Town Center and bake our cakes fresh every day (and sometimes all day long!). We use all-natural ingredients and are happy to accommodate special food allergies and dietary restrictions. We're also known for our exceptional Gluten-Free cupcakes.

 Our unique take on cupcakes revolves around your personal preferences.  Our cupcake bar offers a wide variety of cupcake options, icing flavors, and toppings opening up near-limitless possibilities.

All you need to bring along is an appetite for something sweet and a bit of imagination - we'll take care of the rest!  Whether you need a single delightful indulgence or dozens of cupcakes for your special event, we’re here to help!

Every day our case boasts a minimum of nine cupcake flavors and twelve frostings, and our topping bar is overflowing with sparkles, candies, and sprinkles, giving you limitless cupcake combinations.  Our selection ranges from classic favorites to unique and spectacular signature 

Excellence beyond the oven

Running a respected business involves more than just a great product! Our goal is to foster a friendly, professional, and comfortable environment. We consider customer service to be of the utmost importance.  We love to offer suggestions and perfect pairings that will satisfy your cupcake cravings.

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