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Four Ways to Avoid Knee Pain While Exercising

Jul 18, 2016 09:20AM ● By Dia

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By Jeffrey Peebles, M.D. – Southlake Medical Director, Complete Care

Avoiding knee pain while exercising is not always easy. Many people commit to physical activities which are hard on not only the knees but other joints as well. The knee may be the strongest joint in the body but it is susceptible to overuse and impact. For instance, running on pavement; a common fitness activity can create knee pain while exercising, due to the constant jarring of the foot hitting the hard pavement. People try all types of remedies to avoid knee pain while exercising.

Sometimes, people wrap their knees before exercising but this precaution will not help to prevent knee pain during running or other fitness routines over the long run. As people get older the years of wear and tear on the knees due to repetitive movement becomes a serious issue. It's important to keep your knees strong and healthy throughout your life. In order to prevent knee pain as aging sets in it is imperative to take certain precautions, especially during fitness related activities.

4 Ways to Avoid Knee Pain While Exercising

·       Alternate between high and low impact exercises. Instead of running on pavement all the time, mix it up with lower impact cardio exercises such as swimming or rowing. Also, if you really want to run a lot, consider running on trails that have your feet striking dirt instead of pavement or a cushioned school running track.

·       Watch your weight. The more weight you gain, the more stress is placed on your knees when you're in motion. Try to maintain a healthy weight at all times in order to avoid knee pain while exercising.

·       Check your shoes. Make sure you have the proper shoe for the exercise you're doing. Make sure the shoes fit well and you are replacing them regularly, in order to prevent knee pain. Worn out shoes can have a detrimental effect on your knees over time.

·       Weight training as a protective measure. Weight training can prevent knee pain by strengthening all of the muscles which surround your knees. The stronger your quadriceps and hamstrings are, the easier it will be to avoid knee pain while exercising. 

Anyone can prevent knee pain if they properly caring for their body during exercise. If you already suffer from arthritis, reducing any high impact sports or other physical activity will help you to prevent knee pain.

Always remember to listen to your body during any kind of exercise. If you experience recurring knee pain that does not seem to go away, consult a physician since this may be a more serious issue with the cartilage or ligaments in the knee.

If you have suffered a knee injury or any other medical emergency the experts at Complete Care can help. We have Emergency Room locations across Texas, contact us online to learn more. 


Dr. Jeffrey Peebles, M.D. has an extensive amount of experience in delivering advanced emergency care. He is board certified with the American Board of Emergency Medicine, and a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians/Texas College of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Peebles is committed to providing timely, affordable and high-quality medical care to the Southlake community.