How do I submit a story idea?
We appreciate you thinking of us, please send a brief and concise email to our team and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

When do new issues come out?
Generally speaking, we aim to have Southlake Style in mailboxes the first weekend of every month.  

How many issues do you publish each year?
Southlake Style publishes twelve issues a year and our CISD high school sports magazine, Dragon Pride, publishes three times a year.

I am interested in advertising with your magazine. Who do I contact to get more information?
We would love to explore advertising opportunities for your business. Contact Nicole Tesoriero at 817.416.4500.

How do I submit an event to the Southlake Style event calendar online?
We accept self-submissions for our online event calendar. Please click here to submit your event to our online calendar.

How do I submit an event to Southlake Style?
Please send a press release, or at the very least, details of your event (including date, time span, price if applicable, address, contact number, website and a short description) to our team here.
Please note that to be considered, events must be submitted at least two months prior to publication.

I am interested in having Southlake Style  involved as a sponsor of my upcoming event or fundraiser. Who do I talk to?
Southlake Style is always interested in hearing about opportunities to support our community. We would love to hear how we can get involved. Please contact Nicole Tesoriero here with event and sponsorship details.

Does your magazine have a ‘gift guide’?
Occasionally, a late fall/early winter issue of the magazine includes a gift guide advertising section. To get more information, please email our Advertising Director, Nicole Tesoriero.

Do you accept freelance submissions?
If you feel strongly about a piece of writing, feel free to submit it via email along with why you think it’s a fit for Southlake Style. Because of the volume of email and pitches we get, we can’t respond to every message.

Where can I get a copy your magazine?
If you live in Southlake and the surrounding area, you should receive a copy for free in your mailbox. Southlake visitors can pick up copies at our advertisers’ places of business and/or these locations:
Central Market, Corner Bakery, Texas Health Hospital, Armend’s, Jersey Mike’s, The Marq